Stolendale Crowdfunding 

Welcome to the Stolendale Universe

The Stolendale Universe is a collection of over 100 cards, playable, printable cards that you can fight friends with. By owning a copy of the card, you get access to the Unit. An alliance dedicated to bringing peace to the land of Aeiros. 

A bunch of rarities

The specs

Each card plays part in the universe and is created by a talented artist and a team of concept writers. Cards have a deep meaning to the Lore, the Universe, and are actually playable.

To access members-only areas such as the Unit, cardholders need to be signed into their Metamask Wallet.

NFT Art Presale

We give you the opportunity to be one of the first few, and handful of people in the world that will hold ownership of the original Stolendale Art!

By owning the original art of a card, you will be earning a percentage of all transactions in the blockchain that include your art. There will be hundreds if not thousands of copies of common, rare, epic, mythic and unique cards in circulation and all the transactions not only will help us crowdfund our game, but also give you something in return! 

Not only that but with each NEW art released that is available to the public, we will reveal a portion of previously unrevealed lore, connecting, confirming, or revealing something new about the ever-expanding Stolendale Universe. 

Here are the fees:
Opensea: 2.5%
Stolendale: 2.5%
Art Creators: 2%

The art creator fee is accumulated by a unified 4.5% Stolendale fee.

Owning an art piece will earn you 1% of all transactions that include your art in the blockchain.

Our NFT Collection

If you wish, we will also ship a printed version of the art!

Help us crowdfund our game!

Get into the NFT Collection today

Shall we dive in?

Get ready to visit Aeiros, a world full of fascinating species and civilizations! Here there be dragons, goblins, human cities, and other classic fantasy staples— but also terrifying mutants, forgotten secrets, and origin stories so twisted they’ll make you shiver. Today we’ll explore a few of these unique stories and learn how they’ve shaped the world of Aeiros.

We have been developing the Universe for the past 14 months, and it’s coming out great! The Universe Lead, Zach, along with the Lore Writers have been doing amazing work conceiving a never-before-seen Universe, home of many species, continents, and even… galaxies? 

The Dwarfs

The first Dwarf — Derek Dwarf — was a human transformed by his parents’ “deal with the devil.”

One day, Derek was caught attempting to induct his “dwarfed” friends into a demonic cult. The townsfolk banished him to the Northern Mountains.

The Oricani

Strong, intelligent primates, Oricani only recently mutated from ordinary apes as a result of the Blackout.

The Dwarfs, Oricani, and other outcasts living in the Northern Mountains were isolated many years from the rest of civilization until a mysterious tragedy took place.

If you want to see what has already been revealed

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