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Our #1 goal is to connect players worldwide! Stolendale Volunteer Program


are you looking for testers?

Absolutely! Providing a bug-free and balanced experience plays an important part of what we do everyday!


i can't find a position i want

We are looking for all sorts of people. If you are not sure of the role you wish to apply for, send us an email, our talent department will asign you a role, meeting your specialization

How much time do I need to dedicate?

You can dedicate anywhere from 30 minutes to hundreds per week. We have a very flexible and relaxed schedule that is adjustable to your needs.


is there something in for me?

We can provide reference notes for your work, school, scholarships, etc. We are looking into more ways to reward and thank our volunteers though!


where can I apply?

The link is down below!
Click the button 🙂



Is there an interview?

Yes, there is an interview that you will be asked to complete with either Jim or Chris!

Few clicks away before applying!

you can also mail us:

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