Upcoming playtest events

Our playtests are taking place every month and we invite only a handful amount of players to help us test the newest version of the Stolendale Card Game!

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Next Playtest
coming to Athens, Greece

We will be hitting the most prestigious venue this March 2020, where we will be bringing the second version of the card to the public!

Everyone can join in, and play, but there will be some invite-only feedback and concept reveal sessions. 


March 2020


Event Schedule to be announced, stay tuned with our social media!

Jim and Christos will discuss with attendees the possibilities of Stolendale, and present some concept art!

Playtesting with community, listening to feedback and general fun!

Tournament starts, the winner will win a LIMITED TIME card.

“Ookna” is a crazy scientist, what kind of adventures will he drive you through?

We will announce the winners of the giveaway, winning gifts from:

Stay tuned as we confirm the gifts and prizes! 

Where is it?

Time and Date

Skouze 3, Athens, 105 60


Phone : +30 210 382 1200 (Playhouse Athens)

Email :

Take a peek from the fun!

Event Photographs

The phoenix, the sorcerer, the Frost Master, and Boreworm all in one deck! Good or bad? It’s up to you!

Photo taken from our booth in Digital Expo 2019 – thank you to everyone who came!

A cosplayer and our sticker, isn’t it lovely?

This is our QA Lead Christos and his Exo-hand!

Another cosplayer with our stickers! These guys, reenact medieval fights, it’s like PAINTBALL, but with swords!

Here is a group of friends playing the
Stolendale Card Game!

Master Chief and Stolendale. WOO!

Discord Staff holding a Stolendale Sticker at PAX 2019

Be careful Mario, we might have stolen the princess’ heart

More and more people enjoyed our live playtests, thanks for tuning in!

The numbers behind playtesting

1 +

Over 70 players have tested the card game!

1 %
Positive Feedback

An amazing accomplishment for an upcoming card game!

Cities Worldwide

We have playtested in the UK, and Greece!

Stolendale Progress

We are only 1/4th of the way, but we are going strong

Stolendale is an immersive MMORPG Hytale Community server with Physical and Virtual Gameplay styles. Get the fun at home with over 50 cards or use them in-game as spells to win the ladder!